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Recent Projects – Ecological Restoration and Monitoring


NCEEP On-call Services

In February 2009, RJG&A was selected for inclusion on the EEP on-call consultants list for the third consecutive time and has been awarded five separate two-year contracts since 2006.  RJG&A has performed post-construction tasks (viz., establishment of permanent monitoring areas, installation of crest gauges, baseline data collection, and mitigation plans) as well as annual geomorphic and vegetative monitoring and reporting.     
2006-2009Ellerbe Creek Stream Restoration Monitoring
2006-2009Third Fork/Forest Hill Stream Restoration Baseline Data Collection and Monitoring
2006-2008Tick Creek Stream Restoration Baseline Data Collection and Monitoring
2007Stillhouse Creek Stream Restoration Mitigation Plan
2007-2009Stillhouse Creek Stream Restoration Baseline Data Collection and Monitoring
2008-2009UT Rocky River Stream Restoration Monitoring
2009UT Bear Creek and Morgan Creek Wetland Restoration Monitoring


Vegetation Monitoring
Vegetation Monitoring, Tick Creek

Stillhouse Creek Stream Restoration

Technical Advisors and Monitoring Firm for Greene Environmental Services (GES) Riparian Buffer Restoration Projects

RJG&A has worked with GES since 2004, serving as the technical advisors on five riparian buffer restoration projects, monitoring the sites annually, and producing the required end-of-year reports for EEP and the North Carolina Division of Water Quality (DWQ).  In 2008, RJG&A helped GES establish one of the first riparian buffer and nutrient offset credit mitigation banks in North Carolina. 

2004 - 2007Moye Farm/Contentnea Creek - Phase 1
2004 - 2008Contentnea/Little Contentnea Creek - Phase 2
2005 - 2008Little Contentnea Creek - Phase 3
2006 - 2008Moccasin Creek
2008GES Neuse River Riparian Buffer and Nutrient Offset Credit Umbrella Bank


Initial planting


    Phase 3, Monitoring Year 4

Additional Ecological Restoration Work

Woodchase Subdivision Wetland Restoration, Wake County, NC.  As compensatory mitigation for proposed wetland impacts in Woodchase, a residential subdivision near Fuquay-Varina, RJG&A developed an on-site mitigation plan to restore 0.6 acre of forested riparian wetland.  The restoration site was a mowed powerline right-of-way, decommissioned and replaced with underground powerlines.  RJG&A delineated all wetlands, streams, and buffers on the project site, evaluated soils and hydrology, and inventoried wetland and upland plant communities under the powerline and in the adjacent woodlands.  We investigated soil saturation depth zones, selected appropriate tree saplings and shrubs for each zone, and obtained USACE and NCDWQ approval for the mitigation plan.  RJG&A staff installed the plantings in late fall, and documented high survival the following year during a monitoring visit with the Corps.
Morgan Creek Stream Stabilization Plan, Orange County, NC.   Morgan Creek, which surrounds the OWASA Mason Farm WWTP in Chapel Hill, became unstable in 1996 after Hurricane Fran eroded a bypass channel south of the WWTP, reducing the stream length by 2,600 feet and increasing stream gradient three-fold. To accommodate a proposed WWTP expansion and prevent further channel erosion, both onsite and off-site, RJG&A worked with the project engineers, Brown and Caldwell and Skelley and Loy, to assess stream stability and hydrologic conditions using fluvial geomorphic measurements and gauge data analysis, and developed a stream stabilization plan that included partial filling of the bypass channel and in-stream structures to protect the original channel.